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ViBE Dance and Fitness Studio is a high quality, recreational dance and fitness studio which creates a challenging and enjoyable learning environment for all. As one of Toronto's largest dance studios, ViBE has a unique performance-based approach and non-competitive philosophy. ViBE places a heavy emphasis on achieving the 'S' and 'S'- Sweat & Smile®- in which participants of all ages are encouraged to do their best and have fun!
We remind dancers, no matter what their age or level, that the focus is to be the best that you can be! 


ViBE offers a variety of high quality recreational dance and fitness programs for males and females ranging from three years old to adults of all ages.

ViBE Classes are challenging and fun! With a focus on the 'fun-factor' and achieving the 'Sweat & Smile'®, teachers encourage dancers of all levels to achieve their personal best while simultaneously increasing their confidence and self esteem, and improving their coordination, flexibility and strength.

ViBE offers unique classes for teens ages 15-19+ which are ideal for competitive dancers who still want to dance without the pressures of competitive programs. These dancers will continue to feel challenged and learn a wide range of routines and dance steps while continuing to enhance their developed technique.

ViBE offers Adult Classes designed to give adults of all ages the opportunity to stay fit while taking part in energetic and exciting dance and fitness classes. Adult classes operate on a drop-in basis and there are no membership fees! Adults may join a class at any time. Come try your first Adult Class at ViBE for FREE!

ViBE is proud to add Camp ViBE to the programs offered at the studio! Camp ViBE is a summer dance camp which allows girls and boys in grades 2 to 8 the opportunity to dance all summer long! Campers can expect to experience a variety of dance disciplines and even create their own dance routines! Camp ViBE is a well rounded program including daily dance classes, arts & crafts, special guests, and an exciting show at the end of each two week session.

ViBE also offers private lessons and studio rentals (subject to availability) upon request. Contact us for specific information.


What makes ViBE different from all other dance studios? ViBE is in its own category!
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Exactly….ViBE is the only dance studio of its kind!