Dancers must wear the mandatory Dress Code to each dance class.

At all times, dancers are expected to dress respectfully and not dress provocatively or inappropriately. All shirts must cover the dancer's entire torso and not show a bare midriff. 


Black tank-top, bodysuit or t-shirt

Black pants

Black skirt or tutu is optional for Ballet

No jewellery


Ballet- Pink Ballet Slippers

9-19+ yrs Jazz - Foot Undies

5-7 yrs Tap/Jazz- Tap Shoes (any colour)

7-11 yrs Tap - Beige Tap Shoes

12-19+ yrs Tap - Black shoelace Tap Shoes

Hip Hop & Breakdance - Indoor Running Shoes (non-marking soles)

GPT & Kickboxing - Indoor Running Shoes (non-marking soles)

If the dance form is not listed above, then the dancer is required to wear bare feet for the class. At all times, feel free to email us with any questions at info@vibestudio.ca or contact the studio directly at 905-763-8423.


All dancers must securely tie hair off the face during dance class. Headbands are suggested.