“Dance for me has been incredible I love each class and I am sad when they have to come to an end. I am only too happy to be a role model for others in the class. You both are the reason I have so much confidence and enjoyment in my classes. You taught me how to use my voice and show enthusiasm. I am a new person due to your teachings and I wouldn't change that for the world. I love having confidence and energy when I dance. I can come and let go of all the stresses in my life and you are both their by our sides supporting us along the way.” (Rachel Parker, Dancer & Assistant)


" I wanted to let you both know how much Jamie and Jessica continue to enjoy dance this year.  It seems that both of them have forgotten how to walk as they are constantly dancing around the house.  Jessica is enjoying her assisting much more this year and the two of them are getting really terrific exercise.
I know that you spoke to Jessica today about both hers and Jamie's progress and I just wanted to thank you.  Thank you for boosting their confidence at every opportunity and thank you for being so wonderful at what you do.  You inspire your students and if they are all enjoying it you are both responsible. Thanks!" (Perri-Anne Magerman, Parent of Jessica and Jamie Magerman)


"I just returned from a beautiful evening, a fundraising event for leukemia research in which when the raffle prizes were awarded ViBE was mentioned. I was really proud, as I have known you guys since you started your business, and you were also Danya's teacher for so many years she danced at your studio. Danya is in Israel studying and she will be happy to know that you supported a cause that she believes in. We know how many organizations come to you for support, and we want to commend you for supporting this special cause." (Harry Borenstein, Parent of Danya and Haley Borenstein)


“Thank you for creating such a warm and accepting environment at Vibe which allows me to ask questions and feel important. Words cannot describe how amazing it feels to be an Assistant and help children learn to do one of the things I cherish most, dance.” (Caitlin Cooke, Dancer and Assistant)


"Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to sit in on both of Rachel’s classes for the In-Class Holiday Show - I enjoyed them thoroughly.  The unbelievable amount of energy and positive reinforcement that is consistently given to the kids is so wonderful to see and hear, so is the encouragement that is so strongly presented to each and every kid.  It is so amazing for our children’s self worth and self esteem – you girls really know how to build them up!  There isn’t another dance studio in this city that I would send Rachel to, other than yours! You girls and your staff rock!!!" (Jackie Ublansky, Parent of Rachel Ublansky)


"Maya missed 3 weeks of Jazz and I was hesitating bringing her to the In-Class Holiday Show, but I did and I am so glad... It was AMAZING!  I am so impressed with the Jazz class and her teachers, they made her feel so comfortable, and managed to teach her the new dance in a few minutes prior to the show.  I LOVED IT!!! (Adi Kordovi, Parent of Maya Kordovi)


"I really enjoyed observing Randy's breakdance class (during the In-Class Holiday Show). It was interesting to learn about the foundation & structure of the dance movements. I was never before able to distinguish one movement from another but once it was explained and demonstrated it was so easy to distinguish between the various moves and see how they went together. Great class & teachers. Randy thoroughly enjoys the classes at ViBE." (Beverly Reisman, Parent of Randy Rosenblat)


"Thanks for the info, your prompt replies with respect to emails, your organization skills & letter of reference, are top notch! ViBE is a really professional well run business! (Cheryl Sharer, Mother of Ethan Sharer)

"We would like to thank you for the amazing work you have done with Abby over the last two years.  She began VIBE as a very shy and unsure participant.  After seeing her perform in Hip Hop last night at the In-Class Holiday Show, I was not only elated but deeply moved.  Abby has grown into a confident, elegant and most importantly, enthusiastic and happy young performer.  Thank you for your patience, guidance and nurturing.  You have created an environment that allows children to thrive without the pressure of competition.  The dancers strive to do well for themselves - an incredibly important skill as they grow into adulthood.  We commend you on your philosophy, patience and dedication!" (Rachel and Cory Marks, Parents of Abby Marks)


"WOW!  What a great show that was on Saturday for the In-Class Holiday Shows!  I was extremely impressed with all the little hip hop dancers.  They were so enthusiastic and fabulous and I was so pleased to see Zachary enjoying himself.  He is really loving it (my little mover and groover :)" (Marla Kamin, Parent of Zachary Kamin)


"We LOVED the In-Class Holiday Shows!!!  Thank you so much. I had a great time!  It was great to see the kids in action!  As always, you are both truly an inspiration and I know that all the kids who enter the ViBE studio can benefit from your positive attitudes and go forward into the world better people themselves." (Kerry Bernknopf, Parent of Bailey Sydney and Cassidy Bernknopf)


“Kayla and Madison learn so much more than how to dance. You have empowered 1000's of kids. You make them feel that their best is more than enough. That no matter how good they are, they are their best. The two of you are amazing. Thank you!” (Josh Israeli, Parent of Kayla and Madison Israeli)


"Thank you for opening a great studio and being so welcoming!  I honestly believe that I would not have stopped dancing if ViBE had been open when I decided to stop dancing.  The "everybody is equally as important" feel at the studio is exactly what I was lacking back in the day when I quit. Thanks so much!" (Ashley Brown, Adult Participant & Dancer)


"Now that the year has come to an end, I picture myself the first week walking into the studio thinking this job will be a piece of cake, but now I think about it, how could I have thought that? Assisting has taught me so much and I can’t imagine where I would be if I wasn’t assisting now. I feel so much more confident in myself while assisting and dancing. I feel so great about myself when I see a smile on a kid’s face that they finally got the trick they’ve been trying to get for so long and they accomplished their goal with my help! As I have seen ViBE grow through the years, I feel like I have grown with it. It’s a place that has come to mean so much to me and my friends. My dance friends are some of my best friends. Dance has become such an important part of my life, a part that I know will stay with me forever." (Alyssa Ross, Assistant and Dancer)


“ViBE is a wonderful working environment and a ton of fun this year assisting! I enjoy every minute that I am at ViBE and it is an amazing experience. This experience taught me how to be a leader and to not be afraid to step it up. Overall I am very grateful that you gave me this opportunity. It is truly an honor, and I hope to get this opportunity again next year.” (Anna Krutik, Assistant and Dancer)


“The feeling of fulfillment that comes from watching classes perform after you know that you have spent time working with them is indescribable, and to watch the smiles appear on the faces of those students that have been working hard to perfect a combination of steps is incredible. I absolutely love assisting and want to be a part of it again and again.” (Alanna Glass, Teacher, Assistant and Dancer)


"I wanted to thank you for giving me the experience of assisting this year. I have really enjoyed working as an assistant at ViBE. I have learned so much this year, starting off with how to use the CD player all the way to making up my own dance and getting to teach the class. At the beginning of this year, I started off quiet and shy, but I've grown a lot. Now I lead warm up, across the floor, and am anything but quiet or shy! I loved assisting with the 6-9 year old girls! Assisting with Melissa Kay was awesome! I think she is a great dancer and teacher and like the two of you, she is a role model of mine. I would just like to say again thank you, and I am so excited to watch my girls perform at the Recitals!" (Taylor Bronstine, Dancer and Assistant)


“Throughout my years at ViBE, I have always looked up to my teachers and my assistants and I had hoped to become an assistant when I was old enough. This wish came true when this past year I was given the opportunity by you both to become an assistant. Being an assistant was truly an amazing and uplifting experience for me, because I was able to learn so much about becoming a leader, taking initiative, using my voice, and being a role model. Assisting also really helped me gain experience in working with kids. I have also learned from you both about taking initiative and using my voice in order to help the present teacher in the room. I have had an amazing year at ViBE in my own classes, and I have truly loved being an assistant! I want to thank you both for being wonderful teachers to me and for giving me the opportunity to assist this year.” (Samara Bernstein-Hendry, Dancer and Assistant)  


“I have been assisting for four years now at ViBE and I love it. The experience of assisting is something that has helped me to become a stronger person. I am now more confident than I’ve ever been and I can stand in front of groups of people and help them learn to dance and improve. I can help them feel good about what they are doing and love to dance like I do!” (Lindsay Rebboh, Dancer and Assistant)  


 “I want to take this opportunity to thank both of you and your incredible staff for making my children’s dancing experience so rewarding.   It is incredible to see how much Dalia has progressed in Jazz in such a short period of time and to see the energy level and the complicated routines she is able to perform in Hip Hop.  Oren has been having a great time in his Breakdance class and is excited about all the new “moves” that he is learning.  Your enthusiasm, encouragement and individual attention to each child allows every dancer to achieve their best. Thank you!” (Yael Karol, Mother of Dalia and Oren Karol)


“One of the highlights of my week is seeing my daughter in her dance class. Just watching the energy of all the girls and the instructors, and seeing them all having such a blast together makes me thrilled that my daughter is a part of it.  To watch them grow as dancers throughout the year is truly impressive. You guys really know how to create such a wonderful and encouraging environment for the kids. I am so impressed with so many aspects of your studio. Many thanks for always taking the time to not only ensure that everything is running smoothly on the whole, but to touch individual dancers too, and show them how genuine and caring you and your staff really are!” (Heather Feldstein, Mother of Marlee Feldstein)


"Thank you so much for your email.  I did notice Jessica’s focus and energy last night.  She seems to be able to keep up with the group much better now and really loves it!  Thank you to all of you for your hard work and dedication and your belief in Jess.  There’s no place we’d rather be than ViBE." (Elissa Weber, Mother of Jessica Weber)


“Just a quick note to say thanks so much for creating such a wonderful opportunity for young people to perform and have fun. Most importantly, the performers were having a blast and smiling from ear to ear. This strong sense of fun and spirit can be attributed to your leadership. Even though you run a huge business with hundreds of performers, you find a way to make each individual child feel special – that's a real talent and a real gift to the kids. Dancing has been a fantastic way for Julia to develop self-confidence. It has been exciting watching her grow more confident and independent, thanks in large part to your program. Thanks again for creating an environment where kids not only want to participate and have fun, but want to perform with precision and passion.” (Josh and Simona Sable, Parents of Julia Sable)


 “I just wanted to take a brief moment to again thank you for another great year of fun and dance for my daughter Vanessa. She has grown and developed into a fine young dancer with all thanks to you both for creating such a wonderful and fun environment.  I can’t stress enough how important it is for girls Vanessa’s age to develop and maintain self confidence. She has learned to be proud of who she is, love life, have fun and most importantly, set new goals for herself. You both deserve the credit as you have built a dance studio to be proud of. Every week when it comes to dance, Vanessa can’t wait to go, and furthermore, can’t wait to come home and show us what she has learned. The joy I see in her face when she is dancing is priceless and so rewarding. Thank you both for sharing your enthusiasm, love of dance, and most of all, for caring for each and every one of your students. It truly shows in all that you do!” (Tina D’Andrea, Mother of Vanessa D’Andrea)


“Thanks so much for your phone message. I always say that you and Marnie offer the best customer service of any business, organization, or enterprise that I have encountered! At first I thought perhaps you were just taking a special interest in my kids – maybe because of Julia's disability, or the article that I wrote about you - but everyone I know confirms that you know their kids personally – You make follow up calls with regularity, you contribute philanthropically – you guys are truly amazing!  The fact that you make each and every client feel that you have taken a special interest in their children is a testament to your caring and genuine nature!  Thank you!!!” (Ruth Zive, Mother of Julia and Audrey Slater)


“Thanks for having such a positive, energetic dance school that allows kids to enjoy themselves through dance – especially having classes that encourage boys to dance. It's so amazing, because many people would think it would be too "girly".  I think it's fantastic. It's a wonderful outlet.” (Robyn Posen-Young, Mother of Benjamin and Jamie Young)

“Iva enjoys her acro classes so much. She is very optimistic that she is soooo close to aerial and she feels your support, Melissa! We appreciate your hard work. Iva is very happy in her hip-hop and breakdance classes too. She fully enjoys ViBE! Thank you so much!”  (Nena Pivlaca, Mother of Iva Pivalca)

 “The In-Class Holiday shows were really amazing!!  I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the kids dancing so enthusiastically, and obviously having so much fun while getting their cardio workout done for the day!!  You both continue to be such a great, valuable source of inspiration for the kids, and your love of dance makes such an impact on your classes and on the attitude of the kids. Tyli and Kezia continue to rave about ViBE, and they would take classes every day if they could!!  Kezia puts her heart and soul into her once a week experience, and Tyli eagerly waits for Wednesdays which are the highlight of her week!! Thanks Marnie and Rena for a fabulous experience!” (Ilana Onel, Mother of Kezia and Tyli)

Define: ViBE

By: Alanna Glass (Dancer and Assistant)

ViBE is opportunity. As I complete my fourth year in the ViBE Assistant Program, I have gained valuable leadership skills that I know will last a lifetime. ViBE reaches far beyond teaching just dance routines and dance skills. ViBE has taught me ways in which I, as a mere teenager, can make a difference. This leadership opportunity provides me with a genuine feeling of pride and joy. ViBE is an opportunity to succeed.

 ViBE is spirit. A first step into ViBE is a leap into utopia. It is riveting, engaging, exciting and welcoming. If you dance at ViBE, you love ViBE. The spirit of each dancer is shown through the smiles plastered on every face (not to mention the sweat dripping down dancers’ foreheads). It is shown from the pictures on the walls, the logos on the t-shirts, and the emphasis put into every step in the many dance routines.

 ViBE is an escape. It seems that every day problems and worries disappear the minute that a class begins. It is my own way of ignoring the troubles that I face throughout my day and really, truly feeling a sense of joy and pride while I dance. It is stimulating; it is my escape.

 ViBE is friendship. I have met countless friends throughout my years dancing at ViBE that I know will last a long time. When I see younger dancers smiling with their friends as they 'body wave' and 'raise the roof', I know that they are developing these same special bonds. ViBE is like the glue for some of my friendships: it is how we bond together and thus stick together outside of the studio.

 ViBE is ideal. I danced at a young age and then stopped suddenly. It was troublesome for me to deal with the competitive nature at other dance studios and thus prevented me from showing my true potential. When ViBE opened, I knew I had found MY PLACE. It is ideal for me because it is non-competitive and the sole focus is having fun. ViBE is more than a dance studio to me; it is my chance to shine as a dancer and as a leader.