ViBE's dance season operates September-June. Enrollment is accepted on a first come first serve basis. January enrollment will be accepted on a first come first serve basis beginning in November. Register NOW!

2. When do classes begin?  When does the dance season end?

Classes for the 2017-2018 begin Monday, September 11th, 2017. The dance season concludes after the Year-End Recitals held at the Toronto Centre for the Arts in June.

 3. What is included in the annual tuition?

Tuition at ViBE includes the following:

4. Are there any additional costs?

Appropriate footwear for certain dance classes (ie. Tap, Jazz) is not included in the tuition fee.

Any additional fees are strictly optional and include:

5. If my child is uncertain about enrolling for the year, what would you suggest?

Registration at ViBE means a commitment to the dance class for the year as well as a commitment to all registration and withdrawal policies. If your child is uncertain, we recommend they participate in a Trial Class before enrolling. See question #6 for more information on Trial Classes.

6. Can my child try a class before enrolling?

Absolutely! ViBE offers Trial Classes throughout the months of September and October, and again in January for classes which have been re-opened for January Enrollment. Dancers may participate in as many as three Trial Classes before making the commitment to enroll for the year. A fee of $20/ Trial Class applies and must be paid before a dancer attends the class. If a dancer enrolls in the class they tried, the Trial Class fee will be applied to the annual tuition. A Trial Class may be taked ONLY if space in the class permits. Participation in a Trial Class does not reserve a spot in the class.

7. How do I know which class to enroll my child into?

ViBE offers a wide variety of fun and exciting dance classes for all ages which all compliment each other. Please review our Definition of Classes to gain some knowledge on what each dance discipline offers and which would suit your child best. If a dancer takes Acro, we highly recommend that they take a Jazz or Hip Hop class as well in order to strengthen the dance skills which are incorporated into every Acro routine. 

8. How do I know which level of Acro to enroll my child into?

ViBE offers several assessment options for dancers interested in joining an Acro class. Success in Acro relies heavily on skill and it is important that each dancer is able to achieve the minimum requirements for each level to ensure proper class placement! At all times, we want your child to feel successful in their abilities and goals.

If your child has NO Acro or gymnastics experience, we recommend enrollling in an age appropriate Level 1 Acro class. At the beginning of the year each Acro instructor will asses the dancer's skills and make class placement recommendations as necessary. If your child does have experience in Acro or gymnastics, ViBE may arrange for a private assessment prior to registration to ensure proper class placement. Please contact us for assessment.

9. Can I watch my child in their weekly dance class?

At ViBE, we allow parents to view the last 10 minutes of each class by opening the blinds located on both sides of each studio. The blinds are closed for the duration of the class so dancers can concentrate on choreography and skills. For the last 10 minutes of every class, dancers get the opportunity to show their parents what they have learned and get used to performing for an audience.

10. If my child misses a class, how can they make it up?

ViBE offers a flexible make-up class schedule. A dancer can make up a missed class by attending the same type of dance class on a different day and time. A dancer may attend a make-up class any time throughout the year by obtaining a make-up class slip from the front desk and presenting it to the instructor. We encourage dancers to take as many make up classes as they missed so they are better prepared for the Year-End Recitals. Make-up classes are not permitted during the ViBE Annual Events (see question #11). For specific make-up class schedules please visit the studio or contact us.

11. What are the ViBE Annual Events?

ViBE is proud to offer a variety of Annual Events in which all of our dancers take part. These events include: Freestyle Week where dancers get to show off their personal style, In-Class Holiday Showcase Week where family and friends are invited to view and even videotape the last half hour of each class, Costume Distribution Week where dancers receive their recital costumes, Photo Shoot week where dancers pose in costume for professional group and individual photos, and the exciting Year-End Recitals held at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Specific event dates are available in our Calendar of Events.

12. Does ViBE have a dress code? Where can I buy it?

ViBE has a mandatory Dress Code which all dancers are expected to follow. Dancers are required to wear black tops which cover the entire torso and do not show a bare midriff as well as black bottoms. At all times, dancers must dress respectfully. Certain dance disciplines require specific footwear.

For safety reasons, dancers with long hair must secure their hair off the face. Please leave all valuables at home, includig jewelry which will not be allowed in the dance class.

Dress Code items may be purchsed at the ViBE Store conveniently located in the studio. 

13. Is there parking available?

ViBE is located at the corner of Dufferin and Clark, just north of Steeles, 1450 Clark Avenue West, which has plenty of free parking in a well lit parking lot.

14. Do you have a waiting area for parents or kids between classes?

There are several designated waiting areas throughout the studio which are ideal for homework, reading, and eating snacks or meals. We remind parents that all children who are not between dance classes must be supervised by an adult while at the studio.