ACROBATICS Classes work towards improving flexibility, strength, and control. Dancers will learn how to properly execute Acro tricks similar to the mat component of gymnastics. Routines are comprised of a combination of Acro tricks and Jazz movements; therefore we strongly recommend that dancers register for a Jazz or Hip Hop class in oder to compliment their Acro training. Dancers require approval from ViBE Faculty for enrolment in specific levels.

ACRO Level 1  Beginners who are working on the basic skills including back bridge and recovery, cartwheels on both legs, and balances such as head-stands, elbow-stands, and hand-stands.

ACRO Level 2  Intermediates who are working on right and left front walk-overs, back walk-overs, cartwheels on both legs, one-handed cartwheels, presses, and balances such as head-stands, elbow-stands, and hand-stands. Dancers may learn and practice hand-walks, aerials (no-hand cartwheels), doubles-tricks, and other advanced Acro tricks.

ACRO Level 3  Advanced dancers who can execute front and back walk-overs, hand-walks, balances, aerials, doubles-tricks, tumbling and all areas of Acro with proper technique. Level 3 Acrobats are expected to combine their mastered Acro tricks with jazz or lyrical routines.

BALLET R.A.D   This traditional and classical form of dance, based on the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) syllabus, provides a strong and solid technical base. With its grace, strength and discipline, dancers will gain skills that will support them in all dance styles. There are no examinations at ViBE.

BREAKDANCE  This class is a fun-filled dance experience for both genders. Involving elements of 'breaking', 'popping', 'locking', and fundamentals of hip hop, dancers will learn how to Breakdance in a structure environment.

ADVANCED BREAKDANCE  A more intensive and skill-oriented Breakdance class that focuses on floor tricks, progressive steps, and performance skills. Dancers require approval from ViBE Faculty for enrollment.

G.P.T (Group Personal Training)  This class is uniquely designed to offer personal training in a group setting. Tone and strengthen all your muscles and get ready for a total body workout! Running shoes required.

HIP HOP  A high-energy dance class for males and females that is fun for dancers of all ages! Dancers will perform age appropriate choreography to trendy hip hop music. Dancers are allowed to 'freestyle' and add their own flare and attitude into every action packed movement. This is the ultimate in FUN!

ADVANCED HIP HOP  Designed for dancers who are highly experienced in hip hop and all other types of dance. A good workout for the body and brain, Advanced Hip Hop classes teach challenging choreography at a fast pace where there is a strong emphasis on performing. Dancers require approval from ViBE Faculty for enrolemt and should expect to be challenged and work at a professional pace.

JAZZ Based on classical and modern dance, Jazz is a suggested foundation which compliments every other dance form. Through a series of technical exercises, dancers will learn Jazz combinations, steps, skills, and dance routines.

ADVANCED JAZZ  Designed for experienced dancers able to execute beautiful split leaps, centre split leaps, double and triple pirouettes, and other advanced jazz skills such as kicks, leaps, and turns. Advanced dancers will improve their technique while learning stylized combinations that focus on style, technique and performance. Get ready to be challenged with inventive choreography and meet expectation to perform! Dancers require approval from ViBE Faculty for enrolment.

JAZZ/ACRO  In this one hour class, young dancers will experience an introduction to jazz movements and acrobatic mat skills.             

JAZZ/TAP  In this one hour class, young dancers will experience an introduction to jazz movements and tap dance. Dancers wear bare feet for jazz and beginner tap shoes for tap.

KICKBOXING  A fun-filled cardio workout incorporating boxing moves, kicks, and progressive exercises. Similar to a dance class due to intricate footwork and choreography, however participants do not perform in the Year-End Recital. Instead, participants continue getting fit in this high energy class through to the end of June. Get ready to SWEAT!

LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY   Designed for experienced dancers and dancers looking to be challenged, these classes combine elements of jazz, modern, ballet, and lyrical dance to create unique works of art. Characterized by its fluid and graceful movements, dancers must have a strong technical foundation and be ready to learn progressive choreography. Routines tell a 'story' and capture the emotion and interpretation of the music. Dancers will involve every part of their bodies including their face when performing this beautiful and artistic form of dance.

MINI DANCE  This 45-minute class is an excellent introduction to dance that incorporates elements from ballet, jazz, and acro. This class is designed to provide a foundation for first time dancers to enhance their love of dance, music and movement!

TAP  This dance form incorporates rhythm, timing, and coordination. Dancers will learn basic, progressive, and intricate tap steps and skills. Dancers will make music with their feet by performing rthythm-based choreography and having tons of fun!

BEGINNER TAP  Designed for beginning tap dancers of all ages. Dancers will learn basic and progressive tap steps and skills acquiring the necessary tools for becoming talented tap dancers!

ADVANCED TAP  Designed for highly skilled tap dancers with years of experience in tap. Dancers must be at the level where they enjoy a challenge in learning and acquiring tap rhythms, exercisees, and intricate combinations. Dancers require approval from ViBE Faculty for enrollment.